About Adventure Trailers

We aim to be the cheapest supplier of quality camping trailers & caravans making holidays affordable

Based in Springs, Gauteng (Johannesburg East)

Our business was established due to our passion for the outdoors



We offer 4x4 camping trailers / off road trailers / off road caravans / camping caravans for hire.
Rental trailers and caravans are fully equipped with camping equipment, kitchen utensils, fridge/freezer, battery, charger, etc. All you need to do to enjoy your holiday is to pack food and clothing.
All camping trailers and caravans are in excellent condition and suitable for off road travelling.
Trailers and caravans have ample storage space and are designed for convenience.
Our rental units are taken into Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia and even Kenya by our clients. Some of our trailers have been through places like Sani pass & Van Zyl's pass with no problem (although one has to be extremely careful when taking on passes like these towing a trailer). Travelling inland and camping on one spot for the duration of your holiday is also no problem. For such holidays we offer a multiroom, awning and sidewalls to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

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- Modification on trailers -
- Manufacturing of canopies with drawer system for off road vehicles -
- Installation of Anderson/brad Harrison plugs on vehicles -
- Installation of dual battery systems -
- Manufacturing of 4 x 4 / off road trailers for off road driving -