Adventure Xtreme Off-Road Caravans

Are you looking to purchase the perfect home away from home for those long adventurous weekends away?

Look no further than our Adventure Xtreme Off-Road Caravan range!

Our off-road caravans are designed for any road or gravel road leading to the perfect destination

Small, light, compact and easily managed

Stylish & modern aluminum design.

Our range consists of 4 different Adventure Xtreme Caravan options to suit your every need:

Adventure Xtreme Standard Caravan (2-sleeper)
Adventure Xtreme 2 Berth Deluxe Caravan (2-sleeper)
Adventure Xtreme 4 Sleeper with Dinette Caravan (4-sleeper)
Adventure Xtreme 4 Berth Deluxe Caravan (4-sleeper)

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