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14 Nigel Road Selection Park Springs

Frequently asked questions

How many people can sleep in the Enduro/Adventurer

The tent for both trailers are exactly the same.  Two adults can sleep on the trailer (double bed mattress with fitted sheet supplied).  The tent that folds out next to the trailer is 1.8 m x 1.8 m.  This area is normally used for the ladder to climb on the bed as well as dressing area.  Children can sleep in this area although it might be a bit cramped to your liking.  We do offer a multiroom that zips onto the dressing area where 2 stretchers will fit in comfortably.  If you use mattresses up to 3-4 people can sleep here.

How do I charge the trailer battery

The trailer is fitted with an intelligent charger.  Once you plug into 220 V the battery will charge.  The battery can also be charged from your vehicle whilst travelling, but a Brad Harrison also called Anderson plug (50 amp) to be installed.

Do I have to install the Anderson plug?

  • If you are going out of the country without a doubt.

  • If you are camping inland and will have power on your site it is not necessary.

  • If you are travelling every day towing the trailer it is also recommended.

When do I need solar power?

If you are standing on one site for more than 2 days without having electricity, it is highly recommended specially in summer months.

How long will the battery last before going flat?

Most power is drawn by the fridge.  It depends on the outside temperature and temperature setting of your fridge, the colder the more power it uses as well as how often you open the fridge and warm goods added.  The battery should comfortably run for 1 - 2 days without being charged.

What will happen to the fridge if I travel to my destination that has power but do not have an Anderson plug installed?

You will have no problem.  As long as the trailer battery is fully charged before your leave home.  It is recommended to pack cold goods in the fridge or pack the night before whilst it is running on 220 V to ensure everything is cold when leaving.

Do you supply a fridge/freezer?

We supply a 80 Lt. Snomaster fridge but the temperature can be adjusted from 7 to -18 degrees Celsius and be used as fridge or freezer.

Do I need to hire the awning & sidewalls?

  • The kitchen area comes standard with a small awning attached to the tent
  • An addition rear awning that fits to the tent at the back of the trailer can be hired at an additional cost and is very handy in the rainy season or to supply extra shade.  Side walls for this awning is also available but only recommended should you camp on one spot for long periods.